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Intellectual Disabilities

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Accessible New Zealand is dedicated to providing high quality holiday opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities and special needs.  We ensure a safe environment with an emphasis on inclusion.  Our trips promote integration, socialization, friendship and fun.

Our trips provide a wonderful opportunity for personal growth, normalization, and socialization in a safe and fun atmosphere.  We have a professional staff committed to providing our special needs travellers with the experience of a lifetime.  Our special needs tours are all inclusive.  Travellers only need to bring the desire for a new and rewarding experience.

We offer the best ratio of chaperones to travelers–one chaperone for every three or four travelers. Our average group size is 10 and we strive to match the mobility, ages, social skills, and capabilities of trip participants.

If one of our supervised tours does not meet your needs, Accessible New Zealand can design a custom travel package for your group travel.  Our experience gives us the expertise to put together wonderful trips for special needs travelers.  Our tours open doors for travelers with disabilities to experience everything the world has to offer.

We can assist in travel within New Zealand and also provide service in assisting travel from New Zealand abroad.

Go to our contact us page if you would like more information.