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What We Offer

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Guaranteed you will have the time of your life, living and breathing kiwi culture. We experience all those things that New Zealand is known for; the most amazing scenery, great beaches, adventure activities, wine and food. Relaxing by the ocean; or getting adventurous with activities such as Bungy Jumping, Blokarting or Jet Boating. All our vehicles and accommodations are fully accessible; activities are varied to individual’s ability but where there is a will, there is a way. Kiwi’s are renowned for their ingenuity, that is where we step in.

Our packaged tours are specialised and tailored to meet the needs of travellers who may need a bit of assistance or extra care along the way. We also run personal tours so you can pick and choose what you want see and where you want to be. Our personal tours allow us to cater for every age group, young, old and all those in between. Our tours have been thoroughly planned and our wheelchair accessible facilities are the best we could find in every location. Our accessible vehicles and experienced drivers and guides will ensure your needs are met. We guarantee an awesome experience for all.

  • The moment you arrive at the airport in New Zealand you can sit back and enjoy the ride, knowing all your travel requirements will be taken care of by us.
  • Private airport transfers.
  • All our vehicles are carefully selected based on your requirements. We have wheelchair hoists, electric transfer seats, extendable steps and always a shoulder to lean on when you need.
  • The guide will see to your personal needs hiring any specialty equipment you may require and ensuring a suitable vehicles and accommodations for yourself or your group. We can organise commode chairs, crutches, walkers, cushions, mobility scooters, you name it.
  • Throughout your journey you are accompanied by a professional and experienced local driver-guide.
  • You stay in our handpicked, trusted premier hotels and boutique accommodation with an emphasis on hospitality and care. All accommodations are fully wheel chair accessible.
  • We can also organize overnight stays in private, top luxury B&B’s and lodges set in spectacular locations.
  • Travel in a comfortable, fully accessible vehicle with experienced professional drivers ensuring you arrive at your destination safely.
  • We recommend the best in activities whether you are after adventure, or low-key, relaxed providers to enhance your New Zealand experience.
  • Your guide will ensure you have the opportunity to enjoy local specialties from fish and chips, hangi, roast lamb, pavalova and hokey pokey ice-cream.
  • Your guide will keep you updated about alternatives day trips or optional activities daily.
  • We know the most fantastic places to wine and dine and let loose or rest comfortably.
  • Our Guide understands the art of discretion.
  • Meet and create a friendship with some real New Zealanders (Kiwis) and experience New Zealand culture first hand.